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Dr. Andrew Hopkins   Featured
Dr. Andrew Hopkins/ KNF Entergetics

 Clinical Nutritionist & Chiropractic Physician

He attended Stockton College, & while pursuing his Bachelors in Human Biology with a minor in Biochemistry, he developed ulcerative colitis. While in chiropractic school at the National University of Health Sciences, he did the traditional treatments like prednisone and medication. When he say no improvements he thought maybe it is nutrition related. Through workshops and self-directed research, he learned enough about nutrition to get his autoimmune conditions under control. That gave him a passion for health through nutrition, so he pursued it at the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy, graduating as a Clinical Nutritionist in 2004. Offers nutritional blood test, hair analysis and neurotransmitter test and Asyra

Tuesdays and every other Saturday
Phone: 630.430.4253
Amanda Hunter   Featured
Health Coach Amanda Hunter
Amanda will be leading our K3 Food Allergy Support Group the 4th Tuesday of every month, as well as doing private consultations one Saturday a month About Amanda: I received my doctorate of Pharmacy from Purdue University in 2005. Nutrition and fitness became very important to me after both my father and uncle had open heart surgery at the ages of 42 and 38. Then, as I worked in the healthcare field, I realized how important proper nutrition and physical activity were to a healthy, balanced lifestyle and disease prevention. That led me to my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. We know that it can be overwhelming when you have to go on a strict diet and we want to be here to help!
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1035 Mulligan drive 2
Bradley, IL 60915
Phone: 765.430.1368
E-mail: Click here
Web site:
Health Chek   Featured
Health Chek
Affordable Laboratory Testing Made Easy! Lowest Prices No Script Needed Fast Results Sent to You and Dr. Hopkins Health Check Profile 1 $50 Comp. Metabolic Panel Lipid Panel Hepatic Function Complete Blood Count Health Check Profile 2 $95 Everything in profile 1 - plus TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) Magnesium Uric Acid Iron Total A 8-12 hour fast is recommended Drink plenty of water before hand.
1st and 3rd Saturday of every month
1035 Mulligan drive 2
Bradley, IL 60915
Phone: 219.322.7041
Web site:
Dr. Kelly Simms ND
Balance Health + Wellness

Women's Hormonal Balance

Kelly Simms, ND is an expert in natural hormone balancing for all stages of menopause. She will be offering consultations with the opportunity to take an advanced look at your hormonal health using an at home testing kit. 


Offers hormone testing.

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Phone: 773.472.0560
Web site:
Dr. Wendy Menigoz

Dr. Menigoz is a Naprapathic Physician, which is a Connective Tissue Specialist who practices pain management, physical medicine, and clinical nutrition. The doctor offers a unique approach in treating disease by using cutting edge technology like FDA approved Therapeutic Lasers, Microcurrent, Electron Therapy (Earthing), Ultrasound, and blood pressure lowering devices.

1230 Larry Power Road
Bourbonnais, IL
Phone: 815.304.4353
Web site:
Candice Chaffee CNHP,MH
Candice Chaffee CNHP,MH

Individualized solutions for your particular needs, instant analysis and recommendations.

Candice has been conducting Nutritional Blood Analysis at KNF for several years. She is a public speaker and natural health consultant. She is certified as a Natural Health Professional, Master Herbalist and has practiced holistic health approaches for 28 years. Teaches Holistic medicine classes at community colleges.

Phone: 815.933.6236
Joy Shea RN
Joy Shea RN

Using the latest in MRI and laser technology, the Orion Bioscan is a biofeedback device that reads brain mapping to scan your entire body and locate and address problem areas and conditions that may be present. The orion bioscan is a non-invasive zero radiation device designed to work with conventional medicine. It can Analyze, evaluate, and perform therapy on the biological system at the molecular level. It is a biofeedback device that reads brainmapping to scan the entire body for areas of stress.

Appointment Only
Phone: 815.933.6236
Janine Jowiak
Nature's Balance Acupuncture

Janine Jowiak - Licensed Acupuncturist, Diplomate in  Acupuncture,  M.S Counseling from Natures Balance Acupuncture Medical Thermal Imaging

Safe, natural prevention, early detection can detect changes up to eight years before a mammogram. Not just for breast screening - sinus, thyroid, lymphatic, vascular and immune conditions. PAINLESS, NO COMPRESSION, SAFE, CONTACT FREE, RADIATION FREE, FDA APPROVED!

Check our event calendar for dates and times
Phone: 815.933.6236
Web site:
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