What it is – The Asyra is an FDA registered EAV (Electro Acupuncture according to Dr. Voll) device. Asyra is one of the world’s most advanced health screening devices on the market. It is designed to non-invasively screen someone for energetic imbalances. Backed with over 40 years of research, this technology clearly continues to deliver life-changing results.

It combines the knowledge of homeopathy, physiology and quantum physics. The Asyra contains tens of thousands of specific frequencies in the hard drive of the computer. The specific frequencies that your body finds of value can then be imprinted into a carrier solution. When you place drops of the imprinted solution under your tongue, the specific frequencies enter your body, distribute through your energetic nervous system, and stimulate your cells to respond.

The Asyra software contains digitally-encoded information relating to a wide range of health factors that is output by the Asyra hardware as electromagnetic signals during testing.

History –This technique is based on the work of Dr. Lee Cowden in the U.S. The history behind the Asyra is not new, and it is the culmination of decades of research and experience, building upon the work of Dr. Voll, over half a century ago.

The Asyra was updated in 2009.

How it works – In Asyra testing, you are energetically connected with the Asyra software as you grasp two metal probes. The Asyra software sends in signals that cause the body’s meridian networks to “work together” to relay information of weakened or stressed body frequencies back to the software and a report is generated on the computer.

This is accomplished as thousands of specific frequencies are rapidly sent through your body. The Asyra is not a diagnostic device. All bioenergetics testing devices work by sending signals of some form to the body and getting a response, balanced or unbalanced, and reporting the response back.  Re-establishing balance to the energetic pathways which run through all organs, glands and tissues may hold the key to restoring and maintaining optimum health.

Comprehensive analysis at the heart of the system reveals the body’s first priorities for healing, and those may or may not correlate with the main symptom that is presenting.  As we peel more layers, different aspects of the health problems reveal themselves for healing.

This approach is not looking for any particular disease state, and therefore no claims of diagnosis can be made

Price: $100 Complete comprehensive screening with the energetic comprehensive profile. Physical and Emotional Balancing

Follow up appointments $50

****This will tell you at least your top 10 things that are imbalanced





Bring your vitamins in from home to get tested 

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