KNF Energetics is the branch of Kankakee Natural Foods that offers science-based wellness screenings. We offer two wellness screening services currently: the Asyra and the Bio Profiler. The Bio Profiler is detailed below.

Bio Profiler- The Bio Profiler is digital S-drive technology that will analyze a hair sample. Samples are digitally processed to create a personalized ninety-day nutrition plan, as well as provide information on personal exposure to environmental challenges like chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, EMFs, resistance indicators like bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. A Bio Profiler analysis is capable of offering, scientifically-based insight in to your personal nutritional needs, as applicable to vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, and food and additive sensitivities.  

Bloodwork may be included with Bio Profiler analysis but it not necessary.

This approach is not looking for any particular disease state, and therefore no claims of diagnosis can be made


Package A - $255                            Package B - $175

Bio Profiler Test                             Bio Profiler Test

Blood work from                             Blood personalization

    Healthchek ($160 Value)                results from existing blood work

34 Page diet plan                             34 Page diet plan

30 Minute consultation                    30 Minute consultation

Package A includes the purchase and analysis of new blood work via Healthchek. 

Package B includes the analysis of existing blood work that the customer has in his or her possession, already. If you want to have the Bio Profiler done sans blood, the price for the Bio Profiler is still $175.

For more information on either of these screenings, call us at 815.933.6236.

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